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I have never been one of those people who is overly concerned about my looks, but when it came time to decide whether or not to get glasses, I was mildly concerned about looking like a nerd. I didn't want to appear pretentious or weak, but I knew that I had to do something to fix my vision. I had struggled with eye problems for years, and I wanted to be able to see without squinting. After meeting with my optometrist, I realized that I was worried for no reason. I have been able to enjoy better vision because of my glasses, and I know that you can improve yours, too. Check out this blog for more information.

Want To Avoid Broken Glasses? Don't Put Them In These Locations


When you wear eyeglasses, one of the worst feelings you can experience is seeing them fall to the ground. Although they might escape unscathed, there's always the risk that the frames will get bent or broken or that the lenses will get scratched — leaving you in need of visiting your optician to order a new pair of glasses. In many cases, such issues are avoidable if you learn to change the locations in which you place your glasses. Here are some commonly used locations that are best to avoid.

On Your Head

Many people set their glasses atop their head when they're not needed; this is especially common for people who use glasses for only one thing, such as reading. The concern with this location is that it's easy to forget about your glasses. If you forget that your glasses are sitting on your head, they can get tangled in your clothing when you're getting dressed or undressed and fall to the ground where they can break.

In Your Chest Pocket

People also commonly store their glasses in the chest pocket of their shirt. This is another inadvisable location to use. The glasses will sit in the pocket loosely, which means that as soon as you bend over to tie your shoe or pick up something off the floor, the glasses will quickly slide out and crash to the ground.

On Your Dashboard

If you occasionally wear eyeglasses when you drive, you might leave them sitting on the dashboard of your vehicle. The premise with this position is that they'll be readily available when they're needed. However, this location is anything but stable. If you accelerate quickly, the glasses can easily slide off the dashboard and land on the floor of your vehicle — potentially even underfoot, where you might step on them before you're able to retrieve them.

On The Side Of The Pool

When you wear glasses, you don't typically want to wear them in the pool. You might be tempted to set the glasses on the side of the pool, perhaps with your towel and sandals. In this location, though, the glasses are not safe. Other swimmers or pets can easily step on the glasses or inadvertently knock them into the pool where they might get sucked into the filter or stepped upon.

Next To Your Alarm Clock

While it's conventional to keep your glasses within reach when you're sleeping, don't make the mistake of setting them next to your alarm clock. When it's dark and you're disoriented, it's too easy to swing your arm around as you feel for the clock, only to knock the glasses onto the floor. If you aren't aware that you've done so, you might even step out of bed and onto the glasses.

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9 December 2016