Nearsighted And Over 50? Know The Signs Of Retinal Detachment & What To Do If You Suffer From This Vision Emergency


If you are nearsighted and over 50, then you need to learn the signs of retinal detachment and what to do if you experience these symptoms, because youare more prone to developing this eye problem than many others. While a medical emergency that must be treated quickly to prevent complete loss of vision in the afflicted eye, surprisingly, most people developing retinal detachment experience no pain in their eye. If you have had any eye surgeries or injuries in the past, then you are even more prone to developing this condition that needs proper treatment promptly.

20 December 2016

Four Tips For Choosing Your First Pair Of Prescription Glasses


When you go to an eye doctor and find out that you need glasses, it can be very overwhelming. If you have never worn glasses before, you more than likely don't know what to look for to ensure that you get the right glasses to suit your needs. The guide that follows provides you with a few tips to use to ensure that you will be happy with the glasses you ultimately choose.

12 December 2016

Want To Avoid Broken Glasses? Don't Put Them In These Locations


When you wear eyeglasses, one of the worst feelings you can experience is seeing them fall to the ground. Although they might escape unscathed, there's always the risk that the frames will get bent or broken or that the lenses will get scratched — leaving you in need of visiting your optician to order a new pair of glasses. In many cases, such issues are avoidable if you learn to change the locations in which you place your glasses.

9 December 2016

5 Effective Ways To Protect Your Eyes


Even if you do not have a history of eye diseases in your family, it is still possible to develop vision problems if you do not take proper care of your eyes. Here are five effective ways to protect your eyes: Wear Eye Protection While Doing Home Improvement Projects If you are like a lot of home owners, you might do a home improvement project, like chopping wood or mowing the lawn, and not even think about wearing eye protection.

1 September 2015