Three Causes For Blurry, Uncomfortable Contact Lenses


Soft contact lenses are one of the most popular types of vision correction methods. These lenses are made from thin silicone which sits comfortably on the eye to change the way light refracts within your pupil. Contact lenses should allow you to have a clear view of the world around you. Unfortunately, you may at times experience problems with your contact lenses. Blurred vision or a feeling of discomfort in your eyes is always a cause for concern.

29 June 2020

Tips for Getting Optical Product Repairs


If you don't have 20/20 vision, you will need to take some corrective measures to make sure that you are protecting your vision to the fullest. By getting a great pair of eyeglasses, it becomes easier to treat your vision problems and protect your eyesight. It isn't enough to just have a great set of eyeglasses - you will also need to find an optical product repair service that will be useful to you.

25 November 2019

3 Things To Avoid With Prescription Glasses Online


A popular turn in buying prescription glasses in the last few years has been to order online. There are several benefits to this including saving money on frames compared to local options. With that in mind, you will find there are several options to choose from during your order making process. If you are sitting down to order your prescription eyeglasses, there are a few things you may want to avoid to increase the life of your glasses.

17 October 2018

Eyes Too Tired to Read Fine Print? Strengthen Them With These 2 Easy Tips


If your eyes are so tired that reading product labels, magazines, or even newspapers is a chore, take time to strengthen them. Eye fatigue, or strain, is a common eye problem that can cause many symptoms over time, including headaches. Some adults might even experience dizziness and sensitivity to light when their eyes become too tired to focus. You can strengthen your tired eyes with the two easy tips below.

18 April 2018

Helpful Information About Bad Vision


Have you decided that getting eyeglasses is the best way to correct your bad vision? You must understand that you can't simply choose to get eyeglasses when a prescription is needed. Your eyes will first have to be examined to make sure there are no serious underlying conditions that are responsible for your vision problem. Here are a few of the important things that you should know about poor vision before moving forward with getting eyeglasses crafted by an optician.

3 January 2017

Understanding The Differences Between Opticians, Optometrists, And Ophthalmologists


Caring for your eyes is very important if your want to preserve good vision. If you need an eye exam or have a concern about your eyes, you should see an eye care professional. But many people get confused when it comes to eye doctors—it can be hard to remember the difference between an optician, optometrist, and an ophthalmologist. Continue reading to learn more about these professionals and how they can help you:

22 December 2016

Nearsighted And Over 50? Know The Signs Of Retinal Detachment & What To Do If You Suffer From This Vision Emergency


If you are nearsighted and over 50, then you need to learn the signs of retinal detachment and what to do if you experience these symptoms, because youare more prone to developing this eye problem than many others. While a medical emergency that must be treated quickly to prevent complete loss of vision in the afflicted eye, surprisingly, most people developing retinal detachment experience no pain in their eye. If you have had any eye surgeries or injuries in the past, then you are even more prone to developing this condition that needs proper treatment promptly.

20 December 2016

Four Tips For Choosing Your First Pair Of Prescription Glasses


When you go to an eye doctor and find out that you need glasses, it can be very overwhelming. If you have never worn glasses before, you more than likely don't know what to look for to ensure that you get the right glasses to suit your needs. The guide that follows provides you with a few tips to use to ensure that you will be happy with the glasses you ultimately choose.

12 December 2016

Want To Avoid Broken Glasses? Don't Put Them In These Locations


When you wear eyeglasses, one of the worst feelings you can experience is seeing them fall to the ground. Although they might escape unscathed, there's always the risk that the frames will get bent or broken or that the lenses will get scratched — leaving you in need of visiting your optician to order a new pair of glasses. In many cases, such issues are avoidable if you learn to change the locations in which you place your glasses.

9 December 2016

5 Effective Ways To Protect Your Eyes


Even if you do not have a history of eye diseases in your family, it is still possible to develop vision problems if you do not take proper care of your eyes. Here are five effective ways to protect your eyes: Wear Eye Protection While Doing Home Improvement Projects If you are like a lot of home owners, you might do a home improvement project, like chopping wood or mowing the lawn, and not even think about wearing eye protection.

1 September 2015