3 Things To Avoid With Prescription Glasses Online


A popular turn in buying prescription glasses in the last few years has been to order online. There are several benefits to this including saving money on frames compared to local options. With that in mind, you will find there are several options to choose from during your order making process. If you are sitting down to order your prescription eyeglasses, there are a few things you may want to avoid to increase the life of your glasses.

17 October 2018

Eyes Too Tired to Read Fine Print? Strengthen Them With These 2 Easy Tips


If your eyes are so tired that reading product labels, magazines, or even newspapers is a chore, take time to strengthen them. Eye fatigue, or strain, is a common eye problem that can cause many symptoms over time, including headaches. Some adults might even experience dizziness and sensitivity to light when their eyes become too tired to focus. You can strengthen your tired eyes with the two easy tips below.

18 April 2018